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As recently as 2013, some scholars considered leadership an emerging discipline. However, the study of leadership actually goes back thousands of years. In his book, Leadership, Northouse suggests that leadership’s roots can be traced back to Aristotle.

In truth, leadership goes back even further. Aristotle was a student of Plato, who wrote The Republic, which outlined three specific leadership types. Shriberg, Shriberg, and Kumari argue that, from a literature standpoint, leadership goes back even further, having been a central issue of exploration in the Iliad of Homer.

Today, and unbeknownst to many, the study of leadership is now arguably one of the most popular in social science. Active research includes a wide range of examinations spanning everything from organizational development to neuroscience. Accordingly, there are numerous leadership theories, academic leadership degrees at every level, and several peer-reviewed journals dedicated to the science of leadership and its development.

The National Leaderology Association was established in March of 2023. 


    To establish and promote Leaderology as a respected discipline and science.


    By supporting and producing exceptional educated leaders and becoming a trusted authority in leadership.


    We value and respect formal education in leadership theory and practice and those who create, develop, explore, and research the science of leadership.


    Establish the NLA as an authority in the field of leadership.

    Build a leadership community among leadership-educated professionals.

    Become a go-to storehouse of leadership research and development information.

    Help guide and set leadership education standards that protect the public by differentiating leadership-educated professionals.

    Raise awareness about the benefits and importance of our discipline and help businesses better utilize those with leadership degrees.


    Provide verification and recommendation of high-quality leaderologists and leadership practitioners with proven formal leadership education and training.

    Build a strong leadership development organization.

    Ensuring continued education.

    Promoting leadership standards.

    Encouraging innovation that aligns with our values.

    Promote general advocacy for the leadership industry.

    Educating the public and businesses about leadership and the importance of choosing leadership-educated professionals.

    Partner with universities to further enhance and elevate the discipline in various ways.


    The National Leaderology Association (NLA) recognizes that the leadership industry has evolved into its own social science, with dedicated practitioners and academics at the forefront. However, we must never forget that the interdisciplinary nature of leadership studies was the foundation that allowed for this evolution. It is crucial that we pay tribute to the pioneers of the field who paved the way for leaderology to emerge as a science of its own.

    To honor the contributions of these leaders, the NLA has developed a program to highlight and solidify these pioneers.

    The NLA provides various awards named after a pioneer in leadership studies. These awards recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to the field of leadership and have had a profound impact on the industry as a whole.

    In addition to honoring the past through these awards, the NLA is making every effort to ensure that such names are listed in all leadership history studies. Moreover, as leaderology evolves, the NLA will continue to support and promote the work of current dedicated practitioners and academics who are making significant contributions to the field of leadership studies.

    Through these initiatives, the NLA will honor the past, support the present, and prepare for the future of leadership studies. We will celebrate the contributions of those who have paved the way for the field, and support the emergence of leaderology as its own science.

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