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The National Leaderology Association's Role in Transforming Leadership Education

In the realm of higher education, and much like novices on social media, leadership has become a significant focus. However, an unfortunate trend persists, wherein many universities mistakenly conflate leadership with management principles in their curriculum. This confusion undermines the essence of leadership as a distinct science, leaving aspiring leaders ill-prepared for the challenges of the future. The National Leaderology Association can help universities refine their leadership curriculum, bridging the gap between management and true leadership education.

Distinguishing Leadership from Management:

To embark on a journey towards effective leadership education, it is essential to understand the distinction between leadership and management. While management involves the efficient coordination and direction of resources to achieve organizational goals, leadership delves into the realms of inspiration, vision, and transformation. Additionally, behavior modification, strategy, creativity, and related topics are essential in a leadership education.

Unfortunately, many universities inadvertently reinforce the misconception that leadership is merely an extension of management, or that management is an extension of leadership. As a result, students enrolled in some leadership programs often find themselves confronted with managerial theories and practices dressed up as leadership principles. This blurred line between management and leadership creates a disservice to aspiring leaders, as they miss out on the opportunity to develop the distinct skill set required to inspire and guide others towards a shared vision.

The Science of Leaderology:

Enter the National Leaderology Association—an association of leadership experts dedicated to advancing the understanding and practice of leadership as its own science. By collaborating with universities, the association plays a pivotal role in refining leadership curricula and transforming them into vibrant programs that align with the true essence of leadership.

The association emphasizes that leadership is not an innate quality but a learnable skill set that can be nurtured and developed through scientific principles. By incorporating evidence-based research, real-world case studies, and practical experiential learning, the National Leaderology Association empowers universities to offer students a comprehensive understanding of leadership dynamics.

Addressing the Problem:

The National Leaderology Association tackles the problem of universities inadvertently teaching management principles disguised as leadership by providing guidance and resources to transform existing curricula. Through consultations, workshops, and collaborations, the association assists universities in reevaluating their course offerings and infusing them with cutting-edge leadership theories and practices.

The association encourages universities to introduce courses specifically designed to explore leadership competencies, such as emotional intelligence, adaptive decision-making, cultural intelligence, and ethical leadership. By highlighting the nuances of leadership, students gain a deeper appreciation for the distinct skill set required to inspire and motivate others.

Moreover, the National Leaderology Association urges universities to incorporate experiential learning opportunities, such as internships, leadership retreats, and mentorship programs. These initiatives allow students to apply their theoretical knowledge in real-world settings, fostering the development of practical leadership skills and critical thinking.


The National Leaderology Association serves as a guiding light for universities seeking to refine their leadership curriculum. By addressing the problem of schools teaching management principles disguised as leadership, the association helps institutions create programs that cultivate true leadership skills and competencies. Through evidence-based research, practical experiential learning, and a clear distinction between leadership and management, universities can empower their students to become effective leaders who can navigate the complexities of the future.

With the National Leaderology Association's support, universities can ensure that their leadership programs are grounded in the science of leadership, preparing students to make a meaningful impact in the world. Once refined and verified, the NLA will endorse and promote that program to aspiring leaders. It’s a win/win.

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