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Welcome to the National Leaderology Association's dedicated webpage, showcasing accredited leadership degree programs and esteemed educational institutions.

Our Commitment:

At the National Leaderology Association, our unwavering commitment is to provide extensive resources and support to aspiring leaders who want to elevate their leadership knowledge and skills. We recognize the importance of quality education and training in leadership development. In this spirit, we have meticulously curated a concise list of NLA-Approved programs and institutions renowned for their exceptional leadership degree programs.

The Criteria:

The label "NLA-Approved" signifies that these programs closely align with our rigorous standards. It's important to note that the landscape of leadership programs is vast, and many offerings may appear to be leadership-centric while primarily delivering management-focused content. Our mission is to selectively showcase programs that genuinely prioritize leadership education. While some of these programs may encompass supplementary courses, the core emphasis consistently remains on leadership.

DISCLAIMER: The programs featured here are intended for informational purposes and reflect our subjective preferences. We strongly recommend that prospective learners carefully evaluate these programs based on their specific needs and desired learning outcomes. It is vital to choose a program that resonates with your unique goals and aspirations.

Academic Institutions:

If you represent an educational institution and are interested in having your programs considered by the NLA, we warmly invite you to reach out to us. We welcome the opportunity to assess your offerings for potential inclusion in our esteemed roster of NLA-Approved leadership degree programs.

At the National Leaderology Association, we are dedicated to equipping aspiring leaders with a comprehensive list of distinguished programs. We recognize the pivotal role educational institutions play in shaping the next generation of leaders, and we cherish the chance to collaborate with institutions that share our unwavering dedication to excellence in leadership education.

When your programs undergo evaluation by the NLA, you gain the opportunity to showcase the caliber and worth of your leadership degree offerings to a broader audience. Our thorough evaluation process encompasses criteria such as curriculum design, faculty expertise, accreditation status, student feedback, and overall reputation. Inclusion in our list of accredited programs signifies your institution's pledge to upholding rigorous educational standards and serves as a validation for prospective students.

Moreover, if your institution is in pursuit of guidance to establish or refine your leadership degree programs, the NLA stands ready to assist. Our team of seasoned leadership experts is well-prepared to provide invaluable insights and support in curriculum development, program design, faculty training, and other critical areas pivotal for a robust leadership education. We are steadfast in our commitment to aiding institutions in delivering the best possible education and nurturing leadership excellence.

For exploration of collaboration opportunities or the submission of your programs for evaluation, please contact us using the provided contact information on our website. We eagerly anticipate working with educational institutions that share our fervor for nurturing exceptional leaders.

Note: Kindly bear in mind that the evaluation and inclusion of programs in our list are contingent on the NLA's comprehensive review process and adherence to our stringent approval criteria. While we make every effort to conduct evaluations in a timely manner, we deeply appreciate your understanding and patience as we ensure a rigorous and thorough assessment.

    The NLA's Top 5 Approved Leadership Programs

    The NLA's Top 5 Approved Leadership Programs - Doctoral

    University of Charleston - Doctor of Executive Leadership (DEL)

    The DEL degree at the University of Charleston is designed for individuals who already have leadership experience and are seeking further preparation for high-level executive roles. The curriculum features courses with a heavy focus on leadership theory, philosophy, and research application.

    Louisiana State University - Doctorate in Leadership Studies (EdD)

    The EdD in Leadership Studies at Louisiana State University features the opportunity to learn within one of three concentrations: Leadership Studies, Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Management, or Health Communication & Leadership. All concentration areas come along with a required core course lists that features multiple classes in leadership theory, practice, and change.

    Gonzaga University - Doctorate in Leadership Studies (Ph.D.)

    The PhD in Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University begins with a group of foundational courses focusing on leadership and organizational theory. From there, students are exposed to a wide variety of course options that allows individuals to tailor their learning to their own leadership interests while remaining true to the study of leadership as a science.

    Indiana Wesleyan University - Doctorate of Organizational Leadership (Ph.D.)

    The PhD in Leadership Studies at Indiana Wesleyan University focuses on the development of students’ leadership philosophies to build their capacity as effective leaders in a variety of disciplines. This course work, while research based, is designed to challenge the personal growth of students.

    Liberty University - Doctorate of Strategic Leadership (DSL)

    The DSL degree at Liberty University is tailored specifically for those individuals interested in leadership skills in the business world. Coursework in leadership theory and organizational change is designed for practical business management.

    The NLA's Top 5 Approved Leadership Programs - Master's

    Southwestern College - Master’s of Science in Leadership

    The MSL at Southwestern College focuses on the practical application of research-based leadership styles and practices. The program claims a specific focus on developing leaders in military, government, health care, and education.

    Austin Peay State Univ - Master's of Science in Leadership

    The MSL at Austin Peay provides concentrations in Strategic Leadership, Community Leadership, and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion. The program description highlights a focus on the growth of personal leadership skills.

    University of Wisconsin–Madison - Master's of Science in Sports Leadership

    Unlike many other Masters programs that focus on the management aspects of athletic administration, the University of Wisconsin offers coursework with a focus on leadership, particularly among coaches.

    Johns Hopkins University - Master's of Science in Organizational Leadership

    The Johns Hopkins program focuses their core coursework on the behavior of leaders as change agents and crisis managers. The additional elective courses allow students to choose a focus between heath care leadership, business or project management, or general leadership development.

    University of Colorado Boulder - Master's of Science in Organizational Leadership

    The University of Colorado’s MSOL program seeks to differentiate itself from the traditional MBA by focusing on leadership skills instead of management skills. The program allows for students to focus on one of four areas: strategic leadership, human resources, leading innovation, or organizational communication.

    The NLA's Top 5 Approved Leadership Programs - Bachelor's

    Penn State - B.S. in Organizational Leadership

    Coursework in this BSOL focuses on organizational theories as well as leadership skills such as decision-making, critical thinking, and conflict management.

    Austin Peay State Univ - B.S. in Leadership Science

    The BS in Leadership Science at Austin Peay specifically targets student learning in the area of leading operations and leading people. The long list of leadership courses includes classes in the use of power, innovation, and studying the science of leadership.

    Arizona State - B.A. in Organizational Leadership

    Rather than focusing on business and management, the BA program at Arizona State is designed to provide students education and strategies to enhance strategic planning and employee motivation in an organization.

    The University of Texas at San Antonio - B.A. in Strategic Defense and Leadership

    Limited to students enrolled in the school’s ROTC programs, the UTSA bachelor’s degree in Strategic Defense and Leadership is designed to enhance student’s leadership skills for service in public or private sectors.

    UMass Global - B.A. in Organizational Leadership

    The UMass program includes two emphasis areas to complete the core coursework in their bachelor’s program. Students can select a focus in Organizational Administration or Supply Chain Systems to supplement their core learning in leadership theory and organization behavior.

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