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Distinguished Fellow


Distinguished Fellow - 2024

Specialization: TBD

Distinguished Fellows By Year

  • 2024 - TBD

The Fellowship distinction is a prestigious honor awarded to leaderologists who have made exceptional contributions to the field of leaderology. This distinction recognizes their outstanding achievements and significant impact at a national or international level. To apply for Fellow status, members must meet the criteria established by both the sponsoring league and the National Leaderology Association (NLA). The selection of distinguished fellows rests with the board of directors. The board will review nominations and vote to determine the recipients of the fellowship.

Application Process and Criteria:

League Requirements: Each league within the NLA has its own specific requirements for nominations. These requirements may include additional criteria that are relevant to the respective division's focus. The Fellows Committee is provided with updated league criteria by each league to ensure a comprehensive evaluation process.

Membership: Fellowship is open to members of the association who are dedicated to advancing leaderology as a science and profession. Applicants must be current members of the NLA in good standing at the time of application and should have been a member for at least one year.

Extraordinary Achievements: Applicants must have demonstrated extraordinary and noteworthy achievements or contributions to the field of leaderology. This may include innovative research, influential publications, significant leadership roles, impactful initiatives, or recognized expertise in a specialized area.

National Impact: Fellowship is reserved for individuals whose work has made a notable impact at a national or international level, surpassing the scope of their local, state, or regional influence. Applicants must provide evidence of the broader reach and significance of their contributions beyond their immediate professional community.

Recognition and Benefits:

Being awarded the Fellowship distinction is a distinguished honor that highlights the recipient's exceptional contributions to the field of leaderology. The recognition as a Fellow signifies their significant impact and recognition at a national or international level.

Fellows of the NLA are acknowledged for their achievements and are invited to contribute to the advancement of leaderology through various opportunities, such as speaking engagements, mentoring programs, and leadership positions within the association. Fellows may also receive special invitations to events, conferences, and networking opportunities to connect with other esteemed professionals in the field.

The Fellowship distinction serves as an inspiration and aspiration for leaderologists, demonstrating the highest level of excellence and dedication in the practice, research, and advancement of leaderology as a science and profession.

Please note that the specific application process, deadlines, and nomination procedures for Fellowship are outlined by each league and may be subject to change. Applicants are encouraged to review the league-specific criteria and guidelines provided by the NLA for detailed instructions on how to apply for the Fellowship distinction.

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